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American Association of Integrative Medicine -The mission of the American Association of Integrative Medicine is to promote the development of integrative medicine,which is the medicine of the 21st century. The American Association of Integrative Medicine is focused on theimplementation and maintenance of successful credentialing programs and research that educate practitioners in theintegration of safe and effective medical treatment modalities into healthcare. In contrast to traditional methodsof disease management, The American Association of Integrative Medicine is focused on establishing integrative treatmentprotocols including allopathic medicine where appropriate that result in improved clinical outcomes.

The Association for Integrative Medicine - The Mission of AIM is to:
•Advance the field of Integrative Medicine;
•Provide a forum for professional communication and research within the field;
•Provide educational opportunities within the field of Integrative Medicine for the general public as well as professionals;
•Review standards of clinical practice and professional credentials


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -CDC Mission - Collaborating to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats. CDC seeks to accomplish its mission by working with partners throughout the nation and the world to
— monitor health,
— detect and investigate health problems,
— conduct research to enhance prevention,
— develop and advocate sound public health policies,
— implement prevention strategies,
— promote healthy behaviors,
— foster safe and healthful environments,
— provide leadership and training.

National Institutes of Health - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine -The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is the Federal Government's lead agency for scientific research on complementaryand alternative medicine (CAM). NCCAM sponsors and conducts research using scientific methods and advanced technologies to study CAM. CAM is a group ofdiverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine.


University of Arizona - Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine - Since its inception, the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine has focused its efforts on three domains: education, clinical care, and research with the primary emphasis on education. The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine leads the transformation of healthcare by creating, educating and actively supporting a community that embodies the philosophy and practice of healing-oriented medicine, addressing mind, body and spirit

Best Colleges - We seek to empower students by providing the information needed to make informed higher education decisions. Through proprietary research, we build user-friendly guides and rankings that lead students of all ages on their personal path to a college degree. We are dedicated to helping students find the school that best meets their needs. Our regularly updated collection of college rankings will keep you informed about what schools across the country have to offer in terms of top-rated academics and student lifestyle. From degree programs to campus amenities, we do the research on what matters.

Best Colleges for Nursing – RN to BSN - Students who invest in a BSN are looking to grow, both professionally and as caregivers. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine asserted that the number of RNs who achieve a bachelor’s degree should increase by 80% by 2020. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is a pathway to not only cutting edge skills and higher salaries, but they can lead to more advanced degrees such as an MSN. Most students who already possess a current RN license are working full-time in his or her field. For that reason, many nursing programs – more than 400, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in 2013 – offer a hybrid or 100% online RN to BSN program. These colleges offer flexible distance learning options, and most offer anytime-anywhere knowledge-based learning to their nursing students

Duke University - Duke Integrative Medicine - Duke Integrative Medicine is committed to transforming the way health care is delivered in the 21st century. Informed by rigorous academic research and education, our expert providers integrate the best of Western scientific medicine with proven complementary therapies to address the whole person body, mind, spirit, and community.

Yale University Medical School - Integrative Medicine at Yale - Integrative Medicine at Yale is a program designed to provide a sustainable, central forum at Yale for interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international collaboration, research, and education in complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. Through open-minded exploration and rigorous scientific inquiry, we aim to improve awareness and access to the best in evidence-based, comprehensive medical care available worldwide, with the goal of optimizing health and healing.

University of Michigan Integrative Medicine - University of Michigan Integrative Medicine, an interdisciplinary program, is committed to the thoughtful and compassionate integration of complementary therapies and conventional medicine through the activities of research, education, clinical services and community partnerships. As a healing-oriented approach to medical care, integrative medicine takes into account the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotion), including all aspects of lifestyle. Source of The Healing Foods Pyramid, created in 2005 and updated in 2009, an illustration of a balanced way of eating in which food is regarded as a source of healing and nurturing rather than simply a way to gain energy.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine - The Center for Integrative Medicine at UPMC Shadyside is the first hospital-based center in Pittsburgh to combine natural healing practices with conventional medicine. "Integrative medicine" refers to the incorporation of evidence-based complementary therapies into conventional treatments for patients. Integrative medicine is meant to work in conjunction with traditional medicine, providing a more holistic approach to healing mind, body, and spirit.

University of Kansas Medical Center Program in Integrative Medicine - The Program in Integrative Medicine is committed to providing a healing environment to patients using science-based orthomolecular and nutritional medicine. The cornerstones of the program include:
•High quality research
•Outstanding education and training of medical students and physicians, and
•Comprehensive services by competent professionals in a clinical settingBased at an academic medical center, this approach allows patients to work with all healthcare providers to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic regime appropriate for each individual.

University of Maryland Center for integrative Medicine - A leading international center for research, patient care, education and training in integrative medicine, the CIM is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Center of Excellence for research in complementary medicine. Emphasizing an approach to healing that values mind, body, and spirit, the Center is committed to:
— Evaluating the scientific foundation of complementary medicine;
— Educating health professionals and the public; and
— Integrating evidence-based complementary therapies into clinical care to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

Harvard School of Public Health - The overarching mission of the Harvard School of Public Health is to advance the public's health through learning, discovery, and communication. To pursue this mission, the School produces knowledge through research, reproduces knowledge through higher education, and translates knowledge into evidence that can be communicated to the public, policy makers, and practitioners to advance the health of populations.
Our objectives are:
• to provide the highest level of education to public health scientists, practitioners, and leaders
• to foster new discoveries leading to improved health for the people of this country and all nations
• to strengthen health capacities and services for communities
• to inform policy debate, disseminate health information, and increase awareness of health as a public good and fundamental right.

The Center for Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center - The Center for Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center is dedicated to creating a healing environment in which patients have access to a variety of complementary and alternative therapies to promote healing and wellness.

At the Center, we provide:
• A health care program principled in science and tradition where the patient is treated as a whole person and respected as an individual.
• Personal empowerment and responsibility in order to attain optimal health.
• A care plan tailored to fit each patient's needs in order to honor the personal healing process.

To assure the highest standards of practice, the Center for Integrative Medicine employs highly-trained practitioners who are licensed, certified and credentialed in their specialty according to law.

The Center also plays an integral role in the research and education missions of the George Washington University Medical Center.

Duke Medicine - Duke Medicine conceptually integrates the Duke University Health System, the Duke University School of Medicine, and the Duke University School of Nursing. It is the combination of research, clinical care, and education that takes place through the efforts of our faculty, staff, students, and trainees at many different sites throughout our region and worldwide. As a world-class academic and health care system, Duke Medicine strives to transform medicine and health locally and globally through innovative scientific research, rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries, educating future clinical and scientific leaders, advocating and practicing evidence-based medicine to improve community health, and leading efforts to eliminate health inequalities.

University of Michigan Health System - Excellence in medical education, patient care and research: That's what defines the University of Michigan Health System.

UMHS is an award-winning health care system and premier academic medical center made up of:
— Hospitals, Health Centers and Clinics throughout SE Michigan
— University of Michigan Medical School and its Faculty Group Practice
— Clinical activities of the University of Michigan School of Nursing
— Michigan Health Corp. - the legal entity that allows the Health System to enter into partnerships, affiliations, joint ventures and other business activities

Hospital/University Partnership

The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center - The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center was created to facilitate and conduct rigorous scientific investigation to evaluate the effectiveness, safety, and mechanisms of action of alternative and complementary practices. The Center's research is carried out with intrinsic interest in and respect for the traditions from which many alternative therapies originate, and is mindful of the importance of the subjective human experience to health and healthcare. The Center also serves as a forum for identification and discussion of social, economic, environmental, and political considerations influencing complementary and alternative medicine in order to inform policy decisions.

The Center includes a specialized program addressing the role of complementary and alternative medicine in women's health and aging. The Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Aging and Women's Health, a part of the Rosenthal Center, includes an interdisciplinary group of local, national, and international researchers and practitioners conducting a range of clinical and basic science studies. One focus is on herbal medicine and dietary approaches for postmenopausal women, including a clinical trial of black cohosh for the treatment of menopausal complaints, an evaluation of a Chinese herbal preparation for women with or at risk of breast cancer, and clinical studies comparing a macrobiotic-style diet with an American Heart Association diet.

The Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center - The Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center emphasizes prevention as well as treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. By blending the best of complementary and academic medicine, the Center treats the entire person, emphasizing healing in a way that acknowledges the complex nature of chronic illness. From breathing techniques, herbal remedies and guided imagery, to cutting-edge medical care, the Center combines effective complementary therapies with the highest quality academic medicine to care for patients with a broad range of chronic disease. A multispecialty medical practice, the Center brings together experts in the fields of medical oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and internal medicine who work with patients to integrate complementary therapies to prevent and treat chronic disease and improve quality of life.


The Mesothelioma Center - Fight back against mesothelioma. Four words that mark our mission at The Mesothelioma Center. We're here to help those who need to know how to battle this disease. Our website is loaded with information about treatment, and what we do best is collect information about mesothelioma cancer and use it to help people and families affected by the disease.

Mesothelioma Explained - Our goal at Mesothelioma Explained is to provide and explain as much information as possible to both patients and loved ones diagnosed with mesothelioma. We offer our site as a guide and resource to help explain every option and support resource that is available to you.

Mesothelioma Explained will always provide accurate and current information.

Being diagnosed with a life threatening cancer can be devastating. We know there are questions that you want answered. And, we are here to do just that. Mesothelioma is almost always tied to exposure to asbestos and many times the exposure to the dangerous fibers should have been prevented due to the health concerns that many manufacturer's knew about.

The path that follows is not an easy one no matter which road is taken. And, even with that knowledge we are here to help explain to you every option that is available to you no matter what your situation is. We know just how important it is for you to find the best information possible regarding mesothelioma.

We provide Essential Information About Mesothelioma:

  • Treatment Options
  • Prognosis
  • Finding a Doctor
  • Veterans Claims Information
  • Support Options
  • Financial Help

The purpose of Mesothelioma Explained is to assist mesothelioma patients and their loved ones, and we intend to do just that. Our team of mesothelioma experts have come together to ensure that we're thoroughly covering all important topics that relate to mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Group
We're a small team of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, and communication specialists who have one goal: to lead the way in supporting and encouraging mesothelioma patients and their families.
We do this through:
Education: High-quality and reliable information about mesothelioma, so you can understand the disease, find the best treatment, and learn about the latest research.
Support Services: Personalized help finding a top doctor, filing VA claims, and connecting with other mesothelioma patients and families.
Financial Support: Guidance with the complicated process of finding out what compensation you're qualified to receive so you can get the best treatment possible.
Our desire is to provide comprehensive, caring support for those who've been unjustly affected by this disease. Everyone needs an advocate. We believe that giving you valuable resources and practical advice to use immediately is the most important way we can empower you.

Mesothelioma Guide
Mesothelioma Guide offers important and medically backed information to patients and families who have been affected by mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. We are dedicated to the patients and families we are able to help. Patients can learn more about where they were exposed to asbestos, what treatment options are available to them, and how they can improve their prognosis.

Mesothelioma Help Now - We are here to educate and support mesothelioma patients and their families. Research has shown the more you know about a disease, the better prepared you'll be to cope with everything that comes your way. So, let's learn, share, and take action together. It is important for mesothelioma patients and their families to know that they are not in this battle alone. There are many resources available to help with everything from support groups to hospice care. We explain the different kinds of help that are available and how to get started. Get informed - download our free mesothelioma booklets and get the answers you need to make smart decisions now. - If you or a loved one were exposed to asbestos for long periods of time as a result of employment or military service and developed mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease, you may be able to seek legal recourse for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. We offer a free and comprehensive Mesothelioma and Asbestos Guide to asbestos disease patients and their loved ones. This guide contains vital details on mesothelioma treatment options and your legal options for obtaining all the money owed to you and your family. Also included are free Cure Mesothelioma / Asbestos Awareness wristbands to show your support for asbestos awareness and finding a cure for mesothelioma. - The mission of is not just to help the patients, but also to be a constant and reliable source for the caregiver, family and friends. We strive to have the most up-to-date and accurate information possible on the cause, care and treatment of mesothelioma and offer care and support for the patient.

The team of specialists at collaborates with patients, families, researchers and medical specialists to understand the challenges that come with a mesothelioma diagnosis. We aim to ensure you are well informed about the emotional, legal and economic impact of such a devastating diagnosis. - For mesothelioma patients and loved ones, we provide free resources, education, support, and hope. $30 Billion Dollars is available if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Time is limited so contact us to get started today. Be the first to receive news on the latest mesothelioma treatments as well as clinical trials. We will match you with the best doctors. Receive financing and benefits if you are a U.S. Veteran. Our Veterans department is here to help all of our service men and women. Our patient advocates are here to support you, answer your questions, provide you with resources, and inform you about your financial options. We have helped hundreds of mesothelioma patients, and we're here to help you and your loved ones today.

The Mesothelioma Veterans Center
The Mesothelioma Veterans Center was created to provide information and assistance to veterans regarding treatment, clinical trials, and VA benefits for veterans suffering from asbestos illnesses. The MVC was founded by retired Navy LCDR Carl Jewett. Commander Jewett is a VA-accredited claims agent and has helped hundreds of veterans get approved for their VA benefits after developing mesothelioma or asbestos related lung cancer from their asbestos exposure in the military.

Our Mission

No one gets left behind. To that end, we strive to provide veterans diagnosed with any asbestos illness the best information, advice and assistance we possibly can. From filing for VA Disability Compensation, to helping veterans find the best medical treatment, we never stop fighting.

Our Vision

Because veterans comprise the single largest group of Americans diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancers each year, they are the most affected, yet their needs are the most underserved. There are many benefits available to veterans, which many overlook. We envision a day when we are able to ensure that every veteran diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer is able to get the best medical treatment available, and that they receive any and all VA benefits for which they are eligible.

Our Values

Honor, Integrity and Precision

Treat Mesothelioma
A Mesothelioma Treatment Community

Treat Mesothelioma, A Mesothelioma Treatment Community is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the community; by community, we mean the world.  Our site exists to inspire hope to mesothelioma victims and their families during these unbearable times as we strive to provide palliative care and comprehensive information that will guide patients and the people who love them toward the answers and support they need to improve their quality of life and their life expectancy.

Mesothelioma is a life-threatening disease caused by exposure to asbestos. Those who suffer from this disease could possibly use the dedication, commitment, and resources that our site provides.

Our mission is to serve the mesothelioma community by providing the most up to date information on mesothelioma research and recovery, as well inspire a community of support by raising awareness and contacting websites, organizations, and institutions one by one.

Private Clinic/Hospital

Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program - The Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program was specifically created to help address the ever increasing patient interest in wellness-promoting activities that have not typically been part of conventional medical care. The vision of the program is to:
— Continually identify and rigorously examine the expanding realm of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative approach.
— Present, publish and disseminate reliable information regarding Complementary and Integrative Medicine using public and professional outlets.
— Ensure that Mayo Clinic continues to meet the comprehensive needs of our patients with respect to the body, mind, and spirit

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine - Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine is dedicated to addressing the increasing demand for integrative healthcare by researching and providing access to practices that address the physical as well as lifestyle, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients. As the body of evidence for integrative medicine grows, we remain at the forefront providing the most updated education and practices to patients.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine Service - The Integrative Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center complements mainstream medical care by addressing the physical and emotional symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment. The Integrative Medicine Service combines the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing. It can transform the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of the lives of people living with chronic or life-threatening illness.

Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine - At Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, we take a "whole person" approach to health and wellness. We believe that health is dynamic, continually influenced by how we live our lives and how we relate to the world around us. And, we believe that healing starts from within.

From the moment you walk through the doors of the health and healing center, you sense that the integrative approach is unlike any other. We blend evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies with conventional Western medicine in a "best of both worlds" approach to treating disease, healing, and improving health.

We care for people with heart disease, pain, weight management needs, cancer, diabetes, stress, women's health issues, and many other health concerns.

We empower you to promote your own healing with a full range of conventional and complementary treatments and therapies. Through clinical research, education, prevention, and lifestyle changes, you'll discover powerful new ways to take control of your health.

The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern - The Raby Institute for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern is the premier center for integrative healing in the heart of Chicago. We exist to provide our patients with the highest quality integrative health services. We believe that with guidance and the right environment, patients will realize their innate abilities of self-healing and their potential to live fully engaged lives.

Our skilled team of integrative primary care physicians and practitioners partner with you on your lifelong path to optimal health. We empower our patients to consciously author their own wellness with knowledge, hope, and support. The Raby Institute is founded on the following principles: Empowerment, Transparency, Vitality, Accountability, and Mutuality.

The Institute seamlessly combines the best of science-based Western medicine with the time-tested, holistic healing approaches of ancient cultures to create a system of health and wellness that honors the whole person.

The Raby Institute offers primary and consultative care by highly trained specialists in Internal Medicine, Integrative Pediatrics and Integrative Gynecology, as well as direct or collaborative care by alternative medical practitioners trained and certified in the disciplines of Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Massage Therapy, and Functional Medicine. Our physicians and practitioners work together as a high-performance team to review patient cases, discuss treatment options, and develop effective health, wellness, and treatment plans. This ongoing collaboration results in open communication, constant curiosity, and the ability to evolve our patients' treatment plans based on their individual needs in order to yield the maximum health benefits.

Russell Greenfield, M.D. - Russell Greenfield, M.D. has always held the belief that a patient's lifestyle and environment have the greatest impact on their health. He began practicing Integrative Medicine in 1997 when he was selected as one of four physicians worldwide to participate in the inaugural class of fellows who studied Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona College of Medicine under the direct instruction of Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil is considered by many to be the father of Integrated Medicine.

Dr. Greenfield offers patients an individualized approach to optimal health that focuses on supporting their innate healing capacity, and inspiring patients toward diet and lifestyle choices that can make a positive difference in their health and overall well being. His personalized health recommendations combine common sense approaches with appropriate conventional medical and complementary therapies in a customized way that is based in good science, and that helps patients take greater control of their own health. While not a primary care provider, he does recommend having a personal physician and refers patients accordingly.


100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled
One way or another, someday, we will face losing our mobility, at least partially. So it's never a bad idea to consider the ways to obtain mobility products and assistance, even if we don't need it just yet. Additionally, many of us are or will become caregivers for mobility-challenged individuals and need information on how best to serve them.
We've taken a look at the different types of equipment and resources out there for anyone in need or interested. While not all sites are discount sites (most will attempt to work with your insurance company or Medicare to find you the best prices possible, where applicable), you can always catch sales if you check back from time to time.
Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • 100+ resources for mobility/accessibility devices and mobility-related products
  • Organizations and services that help those with limited mobility
  • Tips for finding and securing financial aid and discounts on mobility and accessibility devices and products

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. We protect the right of natural-health practitioners to practice and the right of consumers to choose the healthcare options they prefer. Since 1992, we have worked to shift the medical paradigm from an exclusive focus on surgery, drugs and other conventional techniques to an "integrative" approach incorporating functional foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes. This is the way to improve health and extend lives while reducing the costs of healthcare back to a sustainable level.

American Academy of Pain Management - The mission of the American Academy of Pain Management is to advance the field of pain management and improve the lives of those in pain through an integrative model of care. The Academy accomplishes this by providing information and continuing education in an environment in which clinicians, representing a variety of disciplines, can network, share knowledge, and work collaboratively to achieve optimal patient care. The Academy supports its members, other pain practitioners, and those affected by pain, through advocacy on the state and federal levels.

In line with the principles of integrative medicine, integrative pain management:

  • Is patient-centered and reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient
  • Focuses on the whole person mind, body, spirit, and in the context of the individuals community/environment
  • Is informed by evidence
  • Makes use of, and brings together, all appropriate therapeutic approaches (both allopathic and complementary) and healthcare professionals to reduce pain and achieve optimal health and healing

American Cancer Society - Together with our millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society (ACS) saves lives and creates a world with less cancer and more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the ACS has 12 chartered Divisions, more than 900 local offices nationwide, and a presence in more than 5,100 communities.

American Diabetes Association - Our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

We lead the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fight for those affected by diabetes.

  • We fund research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes.
  • We deliver services to hundreds of communities.
  • We provide objective and credible information.
  • We give voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

American Heart Association - Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question

The American Institute of Stress - American Institute of Stress (AIS) is a non profit organization established in 1978 at the request of Hans Selye to serve as a clearinghouse for information on all stress related subjects. Other founding members included Linus Pauling, Alvin Toffler, Bob Hope, Michael DeBakey, Herbert Benson, Ray Rosenman and other prominent physicians, health professionals and lay individuals interested in exploring the multitudinous and varied effects of stress on our health and quality of life. We maintain a constantly updated library of information and reprints on all stress-related topics culled from scientific and lay publications from which Informational Packets can be ordered. Our monthly Newsletter, Health and Stress reports on the latest advances in stress research and relevant health issues. We sponsor an International Congress on Stress, which provides cutting edge research advances, and state-of-the-art reviews by internationally acclaimed experts.

American Pain Foundation
About APF
- Founded in 1997, the American Pain Foundation (APF) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that serves people affected by pain. APF stands up with people living with pain, caregivers, health care providers and allied organizations, working together to dismantle the barriers that impede access to quality pain care for all.
Our Mission
The American Pain Foundation educates, supports and advocates for people affected by pain.

Our Vision
Pain is no longer a major health care problem.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity, professionalism and high ethical standards
  • Dignity and respect
  • Justice and self-determination
  • Care and compassion
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Creativity and openness to new ideas

Our work would not be possible without contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. The role of funders is vital to APF's mission of improving the lives of people with pain a mission shared by many of the organizations and individuals whose support allows us to continue our work.

Best for the Kids
Best for the Kids was launched with a single mission - helping you to never settle for the second-best stuff for your kids.
Not only that, our goal is to also make you a better parent for your kids, by publishing in-depth guides about raising children, parenting techniques, and behavioral development of kids. We have age-specific toys & gifts recommendations for both boys and girls.
We spend hours, testing kids' products and talking with notable topical experts before publishing the buyers' guides found on BestForTheKids.? This ensures that the products you're buying based on our recommendations are always top-notch and loved by your kids.
?No matter if you're looking for learning toys for your toddler, outdoor toys to boost your child's physical development, or sports gear to fulfill your kids' dreams, you'll get tailored recommendations that are safe, as well as fun for your kids.
If it's about kids, you have to be on BestForTheKids! is dedicated to keeping the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Our website is continually updated with breaking news from Government agencies, Watchdog Groups, and concerned citizens about Recalls & Safety affecting consumers. Our team at strives to provide a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about every day products that can potentially cause harm. If you would like to get in touch with our team we can be reached at

The Consumer Justice Foundation
The Consumer Justice Foundation is a for profit organization that is dedicated to providing educational resources and an effective voice for consumers that were injured, wronged or feel big business is pushing them around. Our goal is to shed light on special interest groups, big businesses and politicians who unfairly control how average citizens lead their everyday lives. The Consumer Justice Foundation is not a law firm and it is not run by lawyers or attorneys nor is it a website funded by a large corporation. We are everyday people just like you.

We are creating this vast public resource of topics to both educate consumers and to confront the big corporations about their policies. Education is important and it is our belief that insurance companies, drug manufacturers and automobile manufacturers often calculate certain aspects of their business based on the public being uneducated about existing rules, regulations, and standards. Unfortunately, important life-changing events, such as defective tire blowouts and dangerous side effects, which often result from negligent business practices like insufficient product testing, can significantly affect consumers. People have the right to an accurate informational resource when they are involved in car accidents, become victims of a doctor's mistake, or experience life changing side effects of an FDA approved drug. If they are not educated on their rights, they could be taken advantage of by big business and our goal is stop this tragedy from occurring.

The Cord Blood Center
Our goal is to provide information for expectant mothers and families considering cord blood banking - we want to help you find the right option for your loved ones. Whether you choose private banking for the safety of your family, or public banking to help patients in need of a transplant, The Cord Blood Center is committed to giving you relevant, up-to-date information on benefits, pricing and current research for cord blood stem cells.

Since 1988, over 35,000 patients have received a cord blood transplant, with thousands receiving therapy every year. The list of diseases treated with cord blood has more than doubled in the past 8 years, and includes dangerous conditions like leukemia, lymphoma and anemia. However, many parents are still unaware of the medical advances behind cord blood banking, and the benefits of storing, or donating, your child's umbilical cord. When you decide to store your baby's cord blood, you are protecting your family from over 80 different diseases, with more treatments added every year.

The Cord Blood Center's mission is simple - we want families and expecting parents to be aware of their options. Our site is constantly updated with emerging information on cord blood therapies and storing procedures, so you can make the most informed decision possible. Our organization promotes awareness for both current and future stem cell treatments, and we are devoted to being the most comprehensive resource available for you and your family.

Core23 Bio Bank Core23’s mission is simple: to use our state-of-the-art cord blood banking technology to help protect your family from life threatening diseases. We spend countless hours making sure we use the very best methods of collecting, processing and storing your baby’s cord blood, as every cell is critically important to both you and our staff. We want to help improve the quality of life for your family, whether through the security of knowing your baby’s stem cells are safe and ready if needed, or by accessing the cord blood to treat a member of your family.

Our name, Core23, is derived from the 23 chromosome base pairs that make up everyone’s DNA. These “Core 23” chromosomes provide all the information needed to begin and sustain life. By storing your child’s cord blood, you have the ability to help treat potentially life-threatening diseases and save the life of a family member in need.

Core 23 Biobank is a nationwide company with more core blood educators per patient than any other core blood bank in the country. The extent of our expertise is complemented by our dedication to outstanding customer service. Core 23 Biobank provides local resources to answer your questions and offer the most helpful, personalized service in the industry.

Diabetes UK - Diabetes UK is the leading UK charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

  • We help people manage their diabetes effectively by providing information, advice and support.
  • We campaign with people with diabetes and with healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care across the UK's health services.
  • We fund pioneering research into care, cure and prevention for all types of diabetes.
  • We campaign to stem the rising tide of diabetes.

Geroscience - is the premier site for news, discussion, and scientific insight related to the basic biology of aging and the development of new medicines with the ability to cure or prevent the diseases of aging. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift in how we treat the diseases of aging. The first medicines to make us live longer and healthier lives already exist, and massive investments are catalyzing the creation of many more. We are poised to be either the first generation to live for over a century, or the last generation not to. We’ve created Geroscience to share our enthusiasm for this space, and to cultivate a source of accessible science and realistic discourse. Each week we’ll bring you detailed, informative content featuring the most interesting developments in research and industry around the world, interviews with key figures, and exposition on essential topics. Please join us as we:

  • Explain the fundamentals of geroscience
  • Follow experts into the lab, look behind the scenes at the business of biotech, and explore the latest trends from scientific conferences on aging research
  • Aid collaboration between scientific communities, connecting researchers, investors, and industry heads from around the globe
  • Provide tips based on scientific analysis to promote healthy aging

The Global Health Progress initiative seeks to bring research-based biopharmaceutical companies and global health leaders together to improve access to medicine and health care in the developing world. In addition to serving as a convening point for the industry on global health topics, the initiative engages with global health organizations; lends advocacy support to shared goals; identifies best practices for programs that address health needs, and facilitates partnership and research and development efforts to fight neglected diseases in the developing world. Through meaningful public-private partnerships with others in the field, including policymakers in the developed and developing world, multi-lateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and academia, Global Health Progress can help shape sustainable solutions that improve the health of all people.

How to Lose Weight: Read articles, resources, review products, check videos and many more information to live a healthy life by loosing weight..

Integrative Practitioner - Integrative Practitioner is the leading online community for practitioners of integrative medicine. The site contains a myriad of resources for integrative healthcare professionals including opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and discussion.

Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC)
The Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC) is a free online resource with information about senior and elder dangers and safety options. We provide information on various types of elder abuse including physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse, and offer advice on ways you can help protect your loved ones.

The Nursing Home Abuse Center (NHAC) was founded on the principles of dignity and respect for some of the most vulnerable citizens, seniors. Seniors have built a society of law, order and protection that we all enjoy today. They fought wars against tyranny, supported equality and built families and businesses that changed our world.

It’s time for us to protect them from abuse perpetrated in the "safest" of places. NHAC is designed to inform and encourage improvements to the status quo. Let’s stand together and protect our seniors.

Nursing Home Abuse Guide
The Nursing Home Abuse Guide presented by Paul & Perkins PA was created to inform and educate the public on a devastating epidemic which is overwhelming our nation's senior population. Within our nursing homes and assisted living facilities, nearly 10%, or roughly 150,000 seniors experience elder abuse each year. Many of these cases go unreported, although some of them can be quite serious and even result in the death of a loved one. Nursing home abuse in the United States has turned into an epidemic. Our seniors and loved ones are at risk of elder abuse each and every day.

If you or a loved one were the victim of nursing home abuse, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help. A nursing home abuse lawyer will help to navigate the complex legal process needed to pursue a nursing home abuse lawsuit. Additionally, an elder abuse lawyer can help provide support and peace of mind during a difficult time. A nursing home abuse lawyer can aid residents and their families in reimbursing clients for medical bills, pain and suffering, or death caused by a facility. In many cases, a nursing home lawyer can also help draw attention of the state to ensure that future residents do not become victims as well.

Nursing Home Abuse Support
Our goal at is to educate the American public with factual and current information relating to elder abuse and neglect within the United States. Each year tens of thousands of seniors are abused and neglected and our mission is to help spread awareness on this very sensitive issue. Nursing Home Abuse Support is not a referral service and we do not accept advertising offers. We work hard to provide free resources and support for seniors and family members who have been affected by senior abuse. NHAS has no affiliation with any legal team or law firm. Our Community Advocacy team is here to serve you!

Positive Health Wellness
This site is for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life. Whether you’re seeking healthy eating options, belly fat problems, trying to stick to a diet, struggling with eating healthy when you go out or dealing with the stress and depression which comes with losing weight Positive Health Wellness is always there to help you out. Those who need the most trusted information available which is not only reliable but credible when it comes to staying positive, healthy and your weight loss journey. Being healthy is about being happy across all areas of your life, often starting with your daily routines, fitness, stress levels and feeling confident in yourself day in, day out! At Positive Health Wellness, our mission is to provide a wide variety of resources for people who are enthusiastic and passionate about being positive and healthy – recipes, reviews, health and wellness tips as well as helpful videos. Our goal is to be the ultimate one-stop destination for anyone that has an interest in being positive, healthy and well.

Recall Report
“Our team of researchers and dangerous drug and product experts are passionate about keeping you informed…

Recall Report was created to alert the public to the latest information on dangerous drugs and products. With hundreds of suspected or confirmed dangerous drugs and products on the market, the up-to-date information we provide on recalls, alerts, and side effects is vital to keeping your family safe.

Being informed is essential to good health. Every day, researchers and studies uncover more information about what impacts health and how to optimize health. Understanding health conditions and illnesses, nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and how drugs can help or be dangerous, are all important to making the right choices for a healthy and long life.”

RX Dangers
“People put their trust in the medical industry to help them lead their healthiest lives, but sometimes things go wrong. Every year, defective drugs and medical devices cause injury and other harm to patients. Our goal at RX Dangers is to help consumers understand the risks they face, and be able to make the most informed decisions they can about drugs and medical devices based on the most current information available. is a trusted resource you can use to learn about the latest information regarding defective medical devices and harmful drugs. We want to be where you go to get the comprehensive information you need to make informed healthcare decisions. We do all we can to stay up-to-date with information about the medical industry and to provide you with news about FDA and manufacturer recalls.”

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide
Understand how Social Security disability works and how to calculate your benefits.
Social Security disability benefits can provide for your family when an injury, illness, or disability prevents you from working and earning an income. Applying for these benefits is often seen as a cumbersome process, however, requiring several steps, a slew of complicated paperwork, and even in-person hearings. This guide will explain how Social Security disability benefits work while helping you determine whether your disability, illness, or chronic condition is enough to qualify. We’ll walk you through each step of the process, and tell you what to expect during each stage of your Social Security disability application. Meanwhile, our disability benefits calculator will help you get an estimate of how much you might collect from Social Security disability or SSI if your case is approved.

Tuck - A Community for Advancing Better Sleep
Sleep and Cancer
"Getting a restful night's sleep is a challenge for many cancer patients. Pain from the cancer itself, fatigue and discomfort from chemotherapy, and medication side effects are just a few of the things that make sleep elusive for cancer patients. Worse, not getting enough sleep weakens the immune system and can exacerbate symptoms or negative side effects. An increasing amount of research has found links between poor sleep and several cancers. Keep reading to learn what the latest research suggests about the connection between cancer and sleep, and how you can get better sleep if you're undergoing cancer treatment."

Understanding Your Body’s Energy Balance for an Active, Healthy Lifestyle
Are you ready to make some small changes that will have a big impact on how you feel and on your health? If you’re ready, this booklet is a basic guide that can provide you with the information you need to know and help you to meet some of the challenges that might get in the way. is the leading internet portal for anti-aging medicine and advanced preventative health. The web site is a product of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). a US federally registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization comprised of 22,000-plus member physicians, health practitioners, scientists, governmental officials, and members of the general public, representing over 105 nations. The A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. The A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues.

World Health News is an online news digest from the Center for Health Communication at the Harvard School of Public Health. The site covers critical public health issues from around the world. It is designed to be a resource for an international audience of policy makers and journalists as well as public health researchers, practitioners, and advocates. World Health News offers a combination of original reporting and a digest of news stories and commentaries from newspapers and magazines worldwide on pressing issues in public health. It includes special features prepared by the Harvard School of Public Health, such as videotaped interviews with experts, as well as access to radio and television coverage of important breaking public health news stories from websites of leading news organizations.

The Best Yoga Mats
Get the right amount of traction for your downward dog We did the work to find the best We put in over 50 hours of research, surveyed over 100 yoga professionals, and consulted with "Boston's 2014 Best Yoga Instructor" to bring you the best. Best Overall - Manduka PROlite The Manduka PROlite beat out its category contenders for longevity by a landslide. It’s an extremely durable, high-performing mat that’s stamped with a lifetime guarantee.