About Us

H+H has been created by a group of professionals with extensive backgrounds in television, digital, media, and medicine to address the major market for nationally distributed programming focusing on integrative medicine and healthy lifestyles.

H+H has created a multi-platform service, providing integrative medicine/holistic health programming, as well as access to related products and services covering a wide spectrum of medical areas.

H+H fills the unmet programming need of individuals to obtain various types of integrative / alternative medical knowledge, treatments, therapies, and products.

H+H’s primary platforms are its web site, its YouTube channel and its Android and Apple mobile apps which provide streaming video, as well as reference information, follow-up information where appropriate, and links to a variety of additional sources, including practitioner databases and product providers. Other electronic platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

H+H offers programming (using a variety of formats and program lengths) in the primary areas:
» Mind | Body | Spirit: Yoga/Pilates, massage, tai chi/chi gong
» Holistic Healing: Chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine
» Healthy Living: Working/beauty/aging, cooking, environmental sustainability
» My Story: Original documentaries on critical health issues such as fertility, obesity, longevity, and attention deficit disorder
» Personal Development: Celebrity level speakers/authors, selected motivational/meditation speakers