Steven Schecter, Senior VP of Programming


Steven SchecterSteven Schecter, President of Schecter Films, Inc.award winning independent producer and director,is an cinematographer,editor, and writer. He began his career in film and video as anapprentice and production manager at Guggenheim Productions inWashington, D. C. Following an undergraduate degree at Harvard andthree years of full-time Smithsonian work, which led him to shoot over150 hours of 16mm film in Brazil, Micronesia, India, and Nepal,Schecter started his own company as an independent producer in 1983.

Nationally broadcast documentaries and featureswhich heproduced, photographed, or edited include:

» 1999 - Mending Ways. The Canela Indians ofBrazil.Broadcast by the Discovery Channel as Intimate Truths of the CanelaTribe. In the fall of 1997, 22 years after his first trip to Brazil,Schecter returned to shoot new material on the Canela Indians. Aco-production of Schecter Films and the Smithsonian Institution, whichpremiered domestically on the Discovery Channel and internationally onNational Geographic Channels in the fall of 1999. Credits: Producer,Director, Camera, Editor, and Co-writer.

» 1998 - Windhorse. Schecter worked in NepalandTibet as Director of Photography on Paul Wagner's dramatic featureabout contemporary life in Chinese-occupied Tibet. The digitally-shotdrama received the Best U.S. Independent Feature award at the 1998Santa Barbara International Film Festival among other festival awards,and began its theatrical release in February, 1999.

» 1996 - With God On Our Side. Director ofPhotography for Lumiere Productions. A six part historical series onthe involvement of the religious right in American politics. PBS.

» 1995 - MIR-18: Destination Space. NationalGeographic Explorer's documentary about the first American astronaut toblast off from earth on a Russian rocket. Credits: Field Producer,Additional Camera, and Translator. TBS.

» 1994 - A Forgotten People. The SakhalinKoreans.Director of Photography on Dai Sil Kim-Gibson's award-winningdocumentary about the Koreans abandoned on the island of Sakhalin, inthe Soviet Far East. PBS.

» 1990 - The Party Is Over. A Schecter Filmsproduction on the impending death of the Communist Party in the USSR.Credits: Producer, Director, Camera, Editor. Broadcast nationally onthe PBS show The Nineties.

» Schecter was also director, cameraman,editor andwriter of My Russian Friends, a one hour special on the search forspiritual roots by ordinary Russians, a co-production with WGBH Boston.Schecter's work in the nineties includes Preserving Our GlobalEnvironment, a one hour program for educational distribution completedfor the World Resources Institute, hosted by Jessica Mathews and DavidGergen.

Schecter's latest work is a feature documentary: anunconventional look at leadership through great works of literature forthe Stanford Graduate School of Business with Professor emeritus JamesG. March. The program is called: Passion and Discipline: Don Quixote'sLessons for Leadership