Jerrold Schecter, President and Vice Chairman


Jerrold SchecterJerrold L. Schecter is a policy expert on Asia,Russia, andthe Middle East, based on his prize winning career as a historian,journalist, government official and corporate officer. Through hisextensive firsthand experience in Russia, Japan, Korea, China andSoutheast Asia he has developed a comprehensive network of high levelbusiness, media, think tank and government officials in Washington andNew York.

After serving as a U.S. Naval officer in Korea andJapan,Schecter began his journalism career with the Wall Street Journal andthen spent eighteen years with Time Magazine. He was a foreigncorrespondent covering Indo-China, Taiwan and China based in Hong Kong(1960-1963). After a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard he was bureau chiefin Tokyo (1964-1968) and Moscow (1968-1970 where he was instrumental inthe acquisition of Nikita Khrushchev’s memoirs. He was Time’s WhiteHousecorrespondent (1971-1973) and diplomatic editor (1973-1977).

He served on President Jimmy Carter’s White Housestaff asassociate White House press secretary and Spokesman for the NationalSecurity Council (1977-1980), headed by Zbigniew Brzezinski. From 1980to 1982 he was vice president for public affairs of OccidentalPetroleum Corporation. He founded Schecter Communications Corporationin 1982 . From 1994 to 2006 Schecter was Senior InternationalConsultant for Cassidy & Associates, the Washington, DC publicaffairs company.