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Weight Management

WeightManagement6 Reasons Why Weight Management Is Important

We hear all the time about the problem with obesity. Children are overweight, and there are more people dieting in the Western World than ever before. There are people of all shapes and sizes, with varying health concerns, ailments, or problems.

While many doctors encourage healthy eating for the overall effects, they also want people to lose or gain weight. There’s a focus on the BMI of children and adults to make sure they are eating enough and developing properly. While there are limitations to the BMI, it’s a guide for a healthy lifestyle.

Weight management is becoming a major concern for doctors and health experts. It’s become a concern for the whole world. Here are six reasons why it is so important for all.

Your Joints Need You to Take Pressure Off

Your joints go through a lot, especially your ankles and knees. They must hold your body up and keep it moving. The more you weight, the more effort your joints must put in. Eventually, they struggle to move, and their health is negatively affected.

If you were all muscle, your joints wouldn’t have a problem. The muscles can sustain the heaviness within your overall body. The muscle strength and tone will help the health of the joints. When it’s all fat, your muscles can’t take the strain. Your joints are left doing far more than they should.

Too many people who are anoverweight struggle with painful joints. The knees are the most commonly affected area, but it can also cause problems for the ankles, elbows, and back. Problems like osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint diseases are far more common if you are overweight.

Osteoarthritis is a disease where the joints slowly lose cartilage. When this happens, the bones start rubbing together, damaging and wearing them away. Think of the bones like two rocks rubbing together. It doesn’t sound or feel great. Read More


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Weight Management

Weight Management
The Weight Management Secret No One Has Told You

There are plenty of quick fixes for weight loss. Just about any weight loss program, diet, or trick will work. Yes, it’s true. But, this is temporary. The vast majority of individuals gain their weight back – and often they become heavier than their original weight.

When people tell me about their new diet or ask for weight management tips, I ask them one question (the same question I ask myself when I feel I need to shed a couple pounds): 

What are you willing to do for the rest of your life?

Low carb diets, fasting diets, cleansing diets, low fat diets. All will work in the short-run. But what people who want to lose weight need to think about is the long-run. Being healthy is what matters. And, health is a long-run issue. You don’t stick with a health habit for a week, month, or year.

What are you willing to keep up with? Are you really going to eat that many vegetables the rest of your life? Avoid desserts forever? Exercise rigorously day after day? The reality is people eventually wear their muscles of self-control thin and return to their previous patterns.

This is why the biggest challenge in losing weight is, by far, maintenance. The elephant in the room is not – “How can I lose weight?” but “How will I keep the weight off years down the road?” But, weight loss maintenance doesn’t “sell” as well as pills, diet supplements, surgery, exercise equipment, and health club memberships. Read More


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