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Natural Stress Relievers

StressThe All-In-One Guide to Natural Stress Relievers

Stress is a silent killer. You just don’t see or feel everything that it’s doing to your body. It’s often easier said than done, but you need to keep your stress levels to a minimum. You need to take steps to lower the amount of cortisol in your body and increase the number of happy hormones circulating.

There are plenty of natural ways to keep your stress to a minimum. This guide will go through all the natural stress relievers, including how to use them safely and when they will be best for you.

Start with Good Old Exercise

When we exercise, the body can release more happy hormones. The happy hormones help to relieve pain and reduce the stress on the body. They help to soothe muscles and get rid of the build-up of adrenaline. You’ll also increase blood flow and repair some of the damage that the stress has done.

Exercise is the body’s natural anxiety and depression remedy. It’s also healthy for you overall, so you want to start adding it to your lifestyle.

Of course, you can overdo the exercise. Too much is going to be just as bad as none. In fact, too much can sometimes be worse for you. Rather than releasing the happy hormones, your body becomes more stressed and fatigued.

Experts recommend that you do 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. This breaks down to 30 minutes a day, five days a week. If you do high-intensity exercises, you could find that cutting the amount you do by half is healthy for you.
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Stress Relief 20 – Summing Up

Stress Relief 20 – Summing Up – Dr. Russ Greenfield

I give myself permission to take better care of myself. Reams of research data show effects of stress on emotional and physical well-being. By using breathwork, laughter, muscle relaxation, vitamins and supplements, nutrition, tai chi, yoga, clinical hypnosis, counseling, and guided imagery; we can rely more on ourselves, less on healthcare system. Use less medication. Coming from a physician, you will understand that physical problems are tied to stress. Take action, and be optimally well.


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Relieve Stress

17 Science-Backed Ways to Relieve Stress Right Now!

Is there anybody who doesn’t feel stressed these days?
Between work and school and zombie TV shows and money and Youtube and family and relationships and EVERYTHING ELSE…
The problem is that stress is actually highly damaging to our health and well being.
And chronic stress has been associated with:
Poor sleep, Low testosterone levels, High blood pressure, Heart attacks, infertility and erectile dysfunction, Damaged Skin, Stubborn body fat, and lots of other terrible things you don’t want in your life.
That’s why today, The Health Nerd is going to show you 17 Science Backed Ways to Relieve Stress Right Now!

  1. Eat Something or chew gum.
    Science has shown that just chewing on something lowers stress. To avoid the calories, you can always just chew the sugar free gum.
  2. Do yoga.
    It has been proven to lower resting cortisol levels and greatly reduce stress in its regular practitioners. Just 20 minutes of yoga will give you these effects.
  3. Meditate.
    Just 5 minutes of concentrated deep breathing and meditation has been shown to both lower blood pressure and greatly reduce cortisol. There are plenty of free guided mediation apps for beginners that can be downloaded on your phone right now.
  4. Walk away from the computer.
    Uninterrupted computer use has been associated with stress, lost sleep, and depression. Take frequent breaks throughout your day, and make sure to shut it off 1 hour before you fall asleep.


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StressTake Steps to Prevent or Reverse Stress-Related Health Problems

The relaxation response appears to manage stress and some chronic conditions at the deepest levels.

Chronic stress takes a toll on the body: it contributes to everything from high blood pressure and heart disease to anxiety, digestive disorders, and slow wound healing. On the flip side, managing stress helps control many chronic conditions or reduce your risk for developing them. Strategies include regular exercise, a healthy diet, and better sleep. And one strategy in particular—eliciting the relaxation response—may enable you to manage stress right down to your genes.

The anti-stressor

The relaxation response is the opposite of the body’s stress (fight or flight) response. It can help lower blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and stress hormone levels.

“It does even more than that: when you elicit the relaxation response, you secrete beneficial hormones and reduce the activity of harmful genes,” says Dr. Darshan Mehta, medical director of the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Read More


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Stress Relief

Stress Relief: Overview Video

Dr. Russ Greenfield, a nationally recognized expert in integrative medicine, hosts a comprehensive guide to stress relief. Dr. Russ explains what generates stress, how stress affects our families, and how to take positive steps to prevent and deal with stress. Dr. Russ offers a variety of meditative, physical, and nutritional therapies, including segments on breathing, relaxation, spirituality, yoga, tai chi, massage, and cooking. Dr. Greenfield provides the foundation to develop each of these complementary paths to a more relaxed life for individuals and families. Stress Relief with Dr. Russ Greenfield includes segments with recognized experts: Yoga with Brooks Holland, Tai Chi with Wenhui Li, Meditation with Dr. Joe Parisi, and Cooking For Better Living with Chef Phil Anderson. This DVD is designed as a set of answers to the top 20 questions on the subject, provided in a lively, visual manner. Dr. Greenfield’s approach is highly personable and compatible with mainstream medicine – everything is presented from the point of view of an M.D.
Order Your DVD Today! $10.95


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Relieve Stress DVD

Dr. Russ explains what generates stress, how stress affects our families, and how to take positive steps to prevent and deal with stress
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