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Fitness7 Fresh Fitness Trends for 2018

The last few years, it’s all been about high-intensity interval training (HIIT workouts). But is that still the case for 2018. While it is, there are new fitness trends happening. If this is your year to focus on your health and improve your strength and heart health, then you’ll want to pay attention to these seven trends.

It’s worth pointing out that there’s no real “right way” to workout. If you’re doing it safely, any workout is going to be good for you. Of course, some are slightly better than others, but just moving more is something your doctor wants you to do. Getting over 30 minutes a day is going to help improve your overall health.

But you don’t want your workouts to become stale. That’s why in 2018 you’ll want to look at some of the latest fitness trends. You’ll want to find something different, even if you only do a new trend once a week to shake things up a little. Here are the seven freshest trends to try out in 2018.

Take Up a Group Training Program

More people are looking for support with like minded people. When you train in a group, you are more likely to put extra effort in. You don’t want people looking at you and thinking you’re slacking. We don’t want to be the only person taking a break or to be at the back of the group.

To make the most of a group training program, you’ll need to get rid of the thoughts of your school PE sessions. This isn’t about forcing yourself to do something you hate. You get to choose the type of workout you join in with.
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Intolerable Stress

Stress7 Signs Your Body is Undergoing Intolerable Stress

Nowadays stress is unavoidable. All a person needs to do is watch the news, check his emails or even start with his daily chores. And at one point or another, he’ll encounter different types of stressors. These can affect one emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. And when the stress becomes intolerable, a person may notice some bothersome or even scary physical signs and symptoms.

Anyone who has ever experienced getting a headache at work knows exactly how too much stress feels like. When a person deals with too many things at one time, his body gets flooded with stress hormones. When this happens, it causes a chain reaction which leads to other physical symptoms. This is the body’s way of releasing the stress as it’s already unable to ignore it. When a person is experiencing too much stress, the body is unable to manage it any longer. And so, one will notice some physical manifestations.

Although even short-term stress may cause symptoms, the long-term effects of stress are far more harmful. If a person doesn’t get things under control, the symptoms may lead to breathing or heart problems and may aggravate existing health issues. Therefore it’s important to know the signs so one can start managing his world better to reduce stress.

What causes intolerable stress?
In the world today, a lot of things can cause a person to feel stressed. He may have to take an exam, go on an interview for a job or even run a race. These examples of short-term stress are all normal in one’s daily life. But it’s different when a person experiences long-term or chronic stress. This type of stress is caused by very stressful events or situations which last for a long time. Some examples are family conflicts or problems in the workplace. As time goes by, the stress may lead to severe physical symptoms. Here are some factors which may cause intolerable stress:

  • One may be experiencing personal problems and is unable to talk to anyone about it.
  • One may be experiencing problems with his health, which is causing him a lot of stress.
  • One may be experiencing emotional problems such as guilt, depression, low self-esteem, grief or even anger.
  • One may be experiencing problems with his relationships. He may be having frequent conflicts, or he may feel like there’s a lack of support.
  • One may be experiencing big changes in his life. These include the death of a loved one, losing his job, moving to a new town, and others.
  • One may be experiencing issues with his family. He may be supporting a family member who is also dealing with a lot of stress or one who has serious health problems.
  • One may be experiencing a conflict with his values and beliefs.
  • One may be experiencing poor and stressful living conditions or environments.
  • One may be experiencing problems with his social situation. He may always feel lonely, he may be discriminated against, or he may even be dealing with a lot of debt.
  • One may be experiencing problems with his job. He may feel unhappy about what he does, or he may feel like his job is too demanding. On the other hand, a person may also feel pressured because he is unemployed. He may have lost his job, or he may find it very difficult to find one.
  • One may also feel post-traumatic stress disorder. This may happen after a person experiences a traumatic or life-threatening event in his life.

These are some of the most common causes of intolerable stress. There are a lot more. Stress levels vary from one person to another. In fact, what is stressful to one person may not affect another person as much. It all depends on how a person perceives and deals with the situations he is faced with.
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Bad Foods

BadFoodThe Ultimate List of Bad Foods You Eat Every Day

Have you ever looked at your diet and the food you eat? While you may think your diet is overall healthy, you may be surprised to hear that you likely consume a lot of food that is bad for you.

Our diets tend to be full of added sugar, refined carbs, and other unnecessary ingredients. We eat food that messes with our digestive systems. The ingredients cause some health problems and discomfort while causing other problems for our health.

It is time to take a full look at your diet. While there are certain ingredients that you know are bad, you need to know about all the everyday foods that do not offer any help to your body.

These are not necessarily foods you have to ban your diet. We all know how banning foods does not work for the health. We spend more time craving those foods than enjoying the meals we do eat. It is all about cutting them back and understanding why you should not consume them on a frequent basis. This is a list of all the bad foods you eat every day.

Get Rid of the Processed Foods from Your Cupboard

Whether you opt for junk food, jarred dishes, or packaged meats, you want to consider getting rid of them from your cupboard. Processed foods just are not natural and are not good for you. They are not just bad for your health, but the processed foods make it much harder to lose weight.

The key to why is the term “processed.” Even if they sound like natural ingredients, the processes they go through to become what you are buying will damage the majority (if not all) of the nutrients. The natural flavors disappear, and the companies must add flavors, sweeteners, and colorants to make the food look something like what you would have gained naturally.

All these additives will cause problems for your health. Your blood sugar increases from the sugars since there are not the starches or fibers to help prevent that. The liver must do more work to get rid of toxins, rather than convert fats to energy to burn. Your metabolism will store more calories to deal with all the bad, making you gain weight rather than lose it.

Check out the ingredients list to find out exactly what has been put into meals. A good rule to follow is that if the food has an ingredient list it is not natural. Natural foods do not require ingredients!

Unfortunately, this can mean a lot of your favorites are now banned from your diet. To make your diet fun, you can always add a couple of the foods in once a week or so. Stick to moderation and you can have fun without damaging your health. Read More


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Weight Management

WeightManagement6 Reasons Why Weight Management Is Important

We hear all the time about the problem with obesity. Children are overweight, and there are more people dieting in the Western World than ever before. There are people of all shapes and sizes, with varying health concerns, ailments, or problems.

While many doctors encourage healthy eating for the overall effects, they also want people to lose or gain weight. There’s a focus on the BMI of children and adults to make sure they are eating enough and developing properly. While there are limitations to the BMI, it’s a guide for a healthy lifestyle.

Weight management is becoming a major concern for doctors and health experts. It’s become a concern for the whole world. Here are six reasons why it is so important for all.

Your Joints Need You to Take Pressure Off

Your joints go through a lot, especially your ankles and knees. They must hold your body up and keep it moving. The more you weight, the more effort your joints must put in. Eventually, they struggle to move, and their health is negatively affected.

If you were all muscle, your joints wouldn’t have a problem. The muscles can sustain the heaviness within your overall body. The muscle strength and tone will help the health of the joints. When it’s all fat, your muscles can’t take the strain. Your joints are left doing far more than they should.

Too many people who are anoverweight struggle with painful joints. The knees are the most commonly affected area, but it can also cause problems for the ankles, elbows, and back. Problems like osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint diseases are far more common if you are overweight.

Osteoarthritis is a disease where the joints slowly lose cartilage. When this happens, the bones start rubbing together, damaging and wearing them away. Think of the bones like two rocks rubbing together. It doesn’t sound or feel great. Read More


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Breakfast9 Tasty Breakfast To Kickstart Your Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People will tell you that they skip the meal when dieting, but that’s not a good practice to get into. Your body needs the food that you provide it after you wake up, kickstarting it from a long fast overnight. You’ll have gone at least eight hours without food!

Your breakfast will help to kickstart your metabolism. It should help to balance out the overnight glucose levels (which are normal to be higher than during the day) and will help to sustain you until your next meal.

To make the most of the meal, you need to eat the right types of foods. You also need a breakfast that is tasty, making you want to eat more of it and not feel like you’re dieting or sacrificing happiness for healthy food.

Here are nine tasty breakfast ideas that will kickstart your morning.

Start with Toast with the Right Toppings

Sometimes you just want something quick and simple. Toast is one of the most common starts to the day, but it does get a bad reputation. Depending on the bread that you eat, you can end up with refined carbs and gluten that can upset your digestive system.

But it’s not just the toast. There’s the issue of the toppings. Too many people spread high-sugar options over their toast, whether it’s jam or chocolate spread. They don’t get the nutritious toppings that will help sustain them for their next meal. Read More


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