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Stress and Weight Gain

“It’s bad enough that stress can increase inflammation in the body, wreak havoc with our sleep patterns, and worsen our moods – now we find out that stress can actually contribute to unwanted weight gain! If you need a little more motivation to begin a good program of healthy stress management, watch this video on the effects of emotional stress on body weight – and then commit to a regular practice of stress management.” – Health + Healing Editor


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Stress Relief 20 – Summing Up

Stress Relief 20 – Summing Up – Dr. Russ Greenfield

I give myself permission to take better care of myself. Reams of research data show effects of stress on emotional and physical well-being. By using breathwork, laughter, muscle relaxation, vitamins and supplements, nutrition, tai chi, yoga, clinical hypnosis, counseling, and guided imagery; we can rely more on ourselves, less on healthcare system. Use less medication. Coming from a physician, you will understand that physical problems are tied to stress. Take action, and be optimally well.


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Probiotics – Health-Promoting Microorganisms

Dr. Russ Greenfield – Probiotics – Health-Promoting Microorganisms

“Most everyone knows about antibiotics, but what about probiotics? Pro- and prebiotics seem to be all the rage these days, with advertisements for supplements, yogurts and beverages containing these agents appearing throughout the media – but are they really worthwhile, or is it all marketing hype? Watch this video and learn about the wealth of research supporting a beneficial role in human health for carefully selected probiotic organisms, and how best to use them.” – Health + Healing Editor

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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis

Do you get itchy eyes, a runny nose, and maybe even some sneezing every spring when it’s pollen season? If so, you likely have allergic rhinitis, otherwise known as hay fever or seasonal allergies. Allergic rhinitis can be a hassle, and the symptoms can significantly impact your quality of life. But you can do a lot on your own to lessen the impact of seasonal allergies – watch this video to learn more. – Health + Healing Editor


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Vitamins & Supplements

Stress Relief 16 – Vitamins & Supplements

“For relaxation: chamomile tea or passionflower. Tonics: ginseng, rhodiola, or cordiceps. Help to normalize function after stress. “Natural” not necessarily safe. Check with doctor re supplements. For women: multi-vitamin, calcium, and fish oil. Calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, colon polyps, colon cancer. Take with magnesium to prevent constipation. Fish oils help decrease inflammation. Men – Vitamin D, (not too much Vitamin A), mixed carotenes. Always check with doctor about vitamins and supplements.”
– Health + Healing Editor

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