Quick Office Breaks

Lunch Recipes8 Easy Lunch Recipes For Quick Office Breaks

While we would all love to take an hour off for lunch, it’s not always possible. We may run our own business and have to get back to the slog of day-to-day operations. In other cases, we have lunch meetings, or our bosses just won’t let us have a full hour.

But while we don’t have much time, we want more than a quick sandwich. We need sustenance and food that we enjoy. Lunchtime is often the only time we get to ourselves during the work day, and we want to make the most of it.

It’s time to try out these delicious but quick lunch recipes. They’re easy to throw together whether you plan, or you must do it all during lunch.

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Salad
Let’s start simple, seasonal, and delicious. Sun-dried tomatoes can be a required taste, but you will get used to them. They offer a Mediterranean taste to your meals, especially when mixed with pasta.

Choose whole grain pasta for the best filling results. You’ll get complex carbs and plenty of fiber for slow and supported digestion. The energy will be released slowly throughout the afternoon, so you don’t get the 3pm slump. Read More


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