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Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet

The 5 Elements relate to the earth and the ways that our organ system works according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

1) Wood

Physically lean with exposed veins
More susceptible to liver and gall bladder issues
Emotional Struggles – Frustration and Anger
Need to Nourish – Liver and Gallbladder
Foods to Eat – Sour & Bitter Foods
Sauerkraut, green apples, greens (salad, spinach, veggie juice, milk thistle, green foods, fresh foods. etc.)

2) Earth

Physically more round, jolly and have redness in their cheeks.
More susceptible to candida issues
Emotional Struggles – Worry
Need to Nourish – Spleen and Stomach
Foods to Eat – Warm Vegetables
Pumpkin, sweet potato, butternut squash, spaghetti squash

3) Metal

Metal element people have strong and bold features
More susceptible to lung, colon and immune system issues
Emotional Struggles – Grief, Sadness and Depression
Need to Nourish – The Immune System
Foods to Eat- White Foods
Horseradish, garlic, onions, cauliflower, and probiotic-rich foods (yogurt, kefir, and raw cheeses)

4) Water

More susceptible to kidney and adrenal gland issues
Struggle with infection, fatigue, low energy or hormone imbalances (early menopause or PCOS)
Emotional Struggles – Fear
Foods to Eat – Dark-Colored Foods
Nutrient dense foods, berries, cranberries, beets, spinach etc.

5) Fire

More susceptible to acid reflux or heat issues
Emotional Struggles – Passionate and Fiery
Foods to Eat – Spicy foods
Cayenne pepper, Mexican foods, salsa, hot sauce etc.


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How Healthy Can Probiotics Make You?

Today’s probiotic products might make vague claims to “fortify your digestive tract” or give you “24/7 immune system support.” But who are these good bugs anyway, and what benefit, if any, are they offering once you swallow?


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V-12 Vegetable Blast

Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Beverage

This is quite a departure from the typical video, which focuses on the science, but as long-time fans will know by now, I like mixing it up from time to time. Let me know

if you appreciated this video. If folks really like it, I’ll do more! Ready to make a version of this smoothie for yourself? Get the recipe at


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Bad Foods

BadFoodThe Ultimate List of Bad Foods You Eat Every Day

Have you ever looked at your diet and the food you eat? While you may think your diet is overall healthy, you may be surprised to hear that you likely consume a lot of food that is bad for you.

Our diets tend to be full of added sugar, refined carbs, and other unnecessary ingredients. We eat food that messes with our digestive systems. The ingredients cause some health problems and discomfort while causing other problems for our health.

It is time to take a full look at your diet. While there are certain ingredients that you know are bad, you need to know about all the everyday foods that do not offer any help to your body.

These are not necessarily foods you have to ban your diet. We all know how banning foods does not work for the health. We spend more time craving those foods than enjoying the meals we do eat. It is all about cutting them back and understanding why you should not consume them on a frequent basis. This is a list of all the bad foods you eat every day.

Get Rid of the Processed Foods from Your Cupboard

Whether you opt for junk food, jarred dishes, or packaged meats, you want to consider getting rid of them from your cupboard. Processed foods just are not natural and are not good for you. They are not just bad for your health, but the processed foods make it much harder to lose weight.

The key to why is the term “processed.” Even if they sound like natural ingredients, the processes they go through to become what you are buying will damage the majority (if not all) of the nutrients. The natural flavors disappear, and the companies must add flavors, sweeteners, and colorants to make the food look something like what you would have gained naturally.

All these additives will cause problems for your health. Your blood sugar increases from the sugars since there are not the starches or fibers to help prevent that. The liver must do more work to get rid of toxins, rather than convert fats to energy to burn. Your metabolism will store more calories to deal with all the bad, making you gain weight rather than lose it.

Check out the ingredients list to find out exactly what has been put into meals. A good rule to follow is that if the food has an ingredient list it is not natural. Natural foods do not require ingredients!

Unfortunately, this can mean a lot of your favorites are now banned from your diet. To make your diet fun, you can always add a couple of the foods in once a week or so. Stick to moderation and you can have fun without damaging your health. Read More


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Create Meals with Lean Protein

Create Meals with Lean Protein?

It seems everyone is concerned with getting adequate protein in their diets, but it’s not as difficult as most people believe. The key is deciding what types of protein foods to eat on a regular basis. Join Dr. Russell Greenfield as he discusses the importance of protein in our diets, and helps you shop for some of the best sources of high quality protein for you and your family. Visit for more great health tips!


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