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Alcohol & Cancer

Should You Worry About Alcohol Causing Cancer?

The American Society of Clinical Oncology recently released an official statement about alcohol and cancer, but the information isn’t as extreme as some headlines would imply. Also, scientists at Duke University have found evidence that head and face pain actually does hurt more than other types of injuries.


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Heart Cancer

Why Is Heart Cancer So Rare?

Why don’t we hear about people getting heart cancer? Turns out that some types of cells are less susceptible to cancer than others.


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Why is it So Hard to Cure Cancer?

Why is it So Hard to Cure Cancer? – Kyuson Yun

We’ve harnessed electricity, sequenced the human genome, and eradicated smallpox. But after billions of dollars in research, we haven’t found a solution for a disease that affects more than 14 million people and their families at any given time. Why is it so difficult to cure cancer? Kyuson Yun explains the challenges.


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Cell Phone Brain Tumor Risk?

Cell Phone Brain Tumor Risk?

What does the world’s leading authority on carcinogens have to say about mobile phones?


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Plant-Based Foods

How Plant-Based Foods Can Help Fight Cancer

A whole-food diet rich in diverse fruits and vegetables is powerful medicine. Eat more power foods so that they can work together to support health and healing. Consider eating more cruciferous vegetables, berries, walnuts, carrots and alliums to help fight cancer.


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